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Reflection, friends and expectations

Warwick Week 3 started with the normal travelling and the air of the unexpected. Why the unexpected? Well this semester, as highlighted in my previous post, has been different. You could very well… Continue reading

Semester 3 Part 1

Semester 3 is now about 6-7 weeks in and it is very different from the first year of the MBA. It seems less stressed, perhaps because it includes the electives, perhaps it because… Continue reading

Semester 2 exams (DLMBA)

Exams done…….! Finally, the exams are done and the build up was just as painful as one might think. So let me summarise and pass my sincere thanks on to the lecturers and… Continue reading

Warwick Week 2

The reunion has happened, roughly 6 months after I met my classmates, colleagues, cohort, for the first time it was genuinely like it was last week. That may sound slightly clichéd but that’s… Continue reading

Semester 2 so far…

Right, it has now been a few months since Semester 2 started and the learning experience and effort required has not altered one bit! Unfortunately this semester for my cohort coincided with the summer,… Continue reading

Which MBA is right?

The different types of MBA. Full-time – usually lasting one year, if you’re lucky to have the option of doing this I would say grab it with both hands, however for me giving… Continue reading

Warwick Week 1

Warwick Week 1 is now over, I was excited to attend before hand, and equally excited to leave at the end, not because it was bad but because the length of days and… Continue reading

Warwick MBA Semester 1

That was the quickest 6 months I’ve had in some time, by no means easy but certainly rewarding. It started off with access to the online courses and data shortly before Christmas; keen… Continue reading